American Institute Of Legal Counsel

10 Best for Client Satisfaction

James Matthews Stiller

DUI/DWI 10 Best

James Matthews Stiller grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana. He was once an officer in the United States Air Force. He also served the State of Delaware for the Division of Public Health.

Jonathan D. Steele

Family Law 10 Best

Jonathan D. Steele handle’s all cases related to family law. He litigates divorce, child custody, paternity and post-dissolution for his clients.

Robert Englert

Personal Injury 10 Best

Robert has handled a number of cases from the simplest to the most difficult cases that other attorneys are likely to reject. Mr. Englert has served as lead counsel or co-counsel in a number of cases that have resulted in huge, sometimes record-breaking, outcomes. A good example of this case is the birth case in Erie, Pennsylvania that resulted in a record-setting $21.6 million verdict.
Steve E. Jarmon

DUI/DWI 10 Best

Steve Jarmon practices Criminal law in Chester County in Philadelphia.  He provides an honest and open legal representation.  He worked as a prosecutor for Chester County District Attorney as a Certified Legal Intern when he was still a law student. 


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